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Unendorsed Riders – What We Can Learn From The Michigan Initiative

If you haven't heard already, Michigan employed an important article of legislation, known as the Michigan Initiative.

Basically, this preventative measure was designed to decrease the number of unendorsed motorcyclists to lower the chance of motorcycle accidents.

This plan entailed the Michigan Office of Highway and Safety Planning (OHSP) communicating with every unendorsed rider in the state to receive proper and up-to-date motorcycle training to prevent the likelihood of a deadly on-road collision.

This department embarked on a collaborative effort to warn and encourage unendorsed riders to seek additional training.

Now that this reform has become an integral component of Michigan's motorcycle safety initiative, what does that mean for motorcycle riders in Georgia? More importantly, what can we learn about the Michigan Initiative?

In this video, we will provide you with some critical statistics that relate to the Michigan Initiative.

As always, we encourage any and all unendorsed riders to get the proper training to prevent any possible and deadly motorcycle accidents.