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Braking and Cornering–A Refresher To Stay Safe

Here's a story I read online: a guy who just recently got back into
riding motorcycles after a 20-year break had a problem. Whenever he
was cornering, he noticed the bike started vibrating and losing
traction. He thought there was something wrong with the bike, so he
turned it back in.

Later he discovered it actually had nothing to do with the bike.
So here's the true scoop on braking and cornering, and how to avoid
problems. This is especially important to those who are new to riding

First, you need to do your braking when you go INTO the turn and not
during the turn. Also, don't cover up your front brakes with your

Actually, you can brake during the turn, but only if you're an
experienced rider because it depends on HOW you apply the brakes.

If you ease in on the brake as you're cornering, you're going to give
yourself plenty of traction. It's when you use it aggressively that you
lose traction.

The same thing happens when you're throttling up fast in a corner.
That will make you lose traction. So use the throttle gently.

Aim to have your speed as perfect as possible before going into the turn.

When you have problems with cornering or braking, check what
you're doing that might be causing those issues.