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Neck & Back Injury Lawyer in Atlanta

Neck, back, and spinal cord injuries happen commonly in traffic accidents, slip and fall accidents, sports and exercise accidents, and a number of other possible accident scenarios. If you sustain a neck, back, or spinal injury due to another person’s negligence in the state of Georgia, speak as quickly as possible with an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney at Spaulding Injury Law. You could be compensated for all of your medical expenses, lost wages, and more.

What Do the Victims of Back and Neck Injuries Require?

After an accident, what may at first seem like a trivial back or neck injury may, over time, make it quite difficult even to perform simple everyday tasks. An Atlanta personal injury attorney at Spaulding Injury Law can review the facts about your accident and injury, consult with experts, protect your legal rights, and fight for the justice – and for the compensation – that the injured victims of negligence deserve. Surgeries and a long recovery period are often what back and neck injuries require, and sometimes, such injuries can lead to permanent disability. The attorneys at Spaulding Injury Law are prepared to advocate on behalf of the victims of negligence in cases involving:

  • herniated, bulging, or damaged discs
  • strained or sprained back or neck muscles
  • broken bones or contusions
  • any injury to the neck, back, or spinal cord

Spinal cord injuries are usually caused when a blow fractures or dislocates the spinal discs. Injuries to the spinal discs – the bone discs that make up your spine – are perhaps the most common injuries sustained in traffic collisions. Spinal disc injuries can include herniated, ruptured, collapsed, split, bulging, or fractured discs, pinched nerves, radiculopathy, and sciatica. Some people will not immediately feel any neck, back, or spinal pain after an accident. However, neck, back, and spinal injuries – and the pain that comes with them – can emerge slowly over weeks and months, so it’s imperative to seek medical attention immediately after any accident.

What Kinds of Health Problems Are Linked to Spinal Injuries?

Spinal cord injuries can leave victims paralyzed below the waist (paraplegic) or paralyze all four limbs (quadriplegic). The spinal cord regulates or controls a number of bodily functions – such as respiration, the bladder, body temperature, and sexual functioning – so accident victims may suffer a range of serious and long-term or permanent health problems. That means they will need the maximum possible amount of compensation. When you work with an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney at Spaulding Injury Law, your attorney will fight aggressively and tirelessly for the compensation you need – even if you require treatment and therapy for the rest of your life.

With a personal injury claim based strictly on the facts, an Atlanta personal injury attorney at Spaulding Injury Law can often help the victim of a back, neck, or spinal cord injury recover damages. You can speak with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer by calling Spaulding Injury Law at 770-744-0890. You may also reach our attorneys by completing the contact form here on this website. Nothing is more important than your health and your future. If you have sustained a back, neck, or spinal cord injury in Georgia because of someone else’s negligence, the attorneys at Spaulding Injury Law can help.

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